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What You're Paying for in Therapy

What you think you’re paying for:  

Someone who knows more than me who can stand listening to me whine.

What you are actually paying for:

  • Someone who shows up for you every week (in and out of session) with compassion, hope and intelligence.
  • A professional office.
  • Meaningful feedback.  Wisdom.  Knowledge @ which therapies work based on experience and research results.
  • Equipment for her/his business.
  • Many years, often decades, of training in varied settings to maintain proficience at her/his craft.
  • Mandatory Continuing Education throughout his/her career.
  • Phone, internet, etc., costs.
  • Insurance.
  • The time therapist takes away from her/his own family life to tend to you.
  • Available in a crisis to protect your psychological interests.


Consider the cost to you if help were not available. If you went ahead and acted on that witless decision, had one drink too many, or did something stupid that cost you and others dearly.

You wouldn’t expect your plumber, electrician, doctor, hairdresser, mechanic, etc., to work for low wages or for free, would you?

Thank you for being interested.